fredag 3 augusti 2012

Khalid Ait Belarbi, 42, A club receptionist and English teacher, from Morocco

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful 
Essalamu Alaikum warahmatu lahi Taala wa barakatuh

Are you none Arab but a Muslim?
I pray my Allah to grant me a Muslim sister who is : none Arab, but Muslim. I want a co-worker so she must speak English very well English to help me to discuss with her what I am going to publish insha allah. I will help her insha allah to learn Arabic. 

Do you want to have children?
Are you sweet, filled with affection, tolerance and honest, faithful and accomplishes 5 prayers every day and under 32 years and also wants to have babies? Then contact me directly or let your mahram do it for you.

Who am I?
My full name is Khalid Ait Belarbi
  • Born on 1 / 1 /1970. 
  • Divorced with an American, none Muslim, woman. 
  • I have no children. I look very young than my age. 
  • I am sweet, honest, faithful and filled with morality. 
  • I fear Allah. I am proud of my religion Islam and my prophet Muhammad peace be up on him. 
  • I love people who act, rather than people who only talk. 

My vision
I like to share and write about Muslim culture and write about anything thing which can give hope and make people filled with energy and Iman. 

How do I earn my living?
I work in a club as an employee of the reception, free English teacher in a private school and I am student at the university “ English studies” the last year insha Allah. I have diplomas of English language and a diploma of Spanish language and diploma of accountancy and management of enterprises. I also speak French and Arabic fluently. 

What else?
I have a sense of humor. I like children and I pray my Allah to make them the torch of Islam. I have two sisters and a mother. My father died in 1998.

How to contact me
Facebook : Khalid Ait Belarbi
Phone : 00 212 6 78 95 72 88 (Morocco)

NB/ Just to inform you: It may be that I will not check my inbox email or facebook or answer my phone during the last ten days of Ramadan. Insha allah I will spend them in the mosque insha allah and inch allah you will too. 

Please God! Choose for us and never let us choose for ourselves. Ameen.


Khalid, Morocco

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